Texas, Texas

by Deltaphonic

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released July 5, 2015

All songs written by Andrew T. Weekes
Arrangement's by Andrew T. Weekes and Deltaphonic
Produced by Joe Ceponis
Mastered by Matt Grondin

Andrew T. Weekes- guitar, lead vocals, percussion
Ben Walters- bass, percussion
Ciaran Brennan- drums, backing vocals, percussion
Eliah Lewis- backing vocals
Vincent LaBella- lead guitar on Six Miles (track 8)
Big Chief Smiley Ricks- percussion
Russell Ramirez- trombone
Ashley Blume- backing vocals, keys
Joshua Nethken- saxaphone
Joe Ceponis- backing vocals, percussion


all rights reserved



Deltaphonic New Orleans, Louisiana


instagram: deltaph0nic


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Track Name: No Star
no star

heaven’s gone and the lights come on
the engine sings for me
chasing minutes around the dial
a little closer but never free

deputy, a man on the run
ain’t worth a bullet from his gun
no star in this west texas night
will see the morning light

six miles to the line, when they hit me this time
siren’s blazing in my rearview mirror
pulled over with a lifetime to lose
just then the stars disappeared


never had much luck, til the dust storm struck
the dirt in my lung kept the blood from my hand
sometimes the devil takes care of his own
no stars over the rio grande
no stars over the rio grande
no stars over the rio grande
Track Name: Housecat

i’m your housecat, I’m out in the street
you’re my nine lives, but I go the key
to drive you
crazy over me

late at night, tom cat prowling
I slink on by, when I hear you yowling
I’m so high, do you want to swing

Tomcat, I like what you do
Black cat when you light the fuse
Fat cat full of cream and booze
Housecat when you put the moves
Track Name: Forgiveness

on highway ten
hundred miles an hour
all my money

its's so hard to find

law man
killing machine
five long years
sight unseen
peaches and cream


in my lungs
another pack
in my pocket
another stack
in my bedroom
and in my soul
nothing but love, nothing but love


you gotta reach way down in your soul
you gotta look all over
it's so hard to find
Track Name: Buckhorn Saloon
buckhorn saloon

the highway is walking right under my wheels
the sirens flash with sex appeal
the outlaw sings what nobody can say
and everything is free if you know what to say

come on baby, it's time to go
to a place where the angels roam
a little piece of heaven ain't so far away
but it takes a bullet or a lie to stay

i met a ghost at the buckhorn saloon
she took me upstairs to her pink satin room
i said tell me a secret every mortal should know
she said gather flowers and let them all go


too many ghosts running through my soul
so i drink whiskey and it takes its toll
if there's one truth all the outlaws know
to get to the light you got to cross the shadow

Track Name: The City
the city

she is rough as the place that she's from
tornadoes and tumble weeds
blowing across the texas plain
her wild eyes have seen too much
but her rough lips have a soft touch
blue bells blooming in the rain

but in the city, they pretend
that love, is the devil's best friend
she don't always care
in the end

he is broken, a shadow
of the love that he never had
the highway is the only home he knows
they had springtime that shone
brighter than the city lights
and now he's gone, and she don't feel a thing


they met in a maelstrom
when he held her the wind died down
birds were singing
all around

Track Name: Skank (Everybody Knows)

everybody knows she's a skank
cigarettes, shiny clothes and drank
and still she hopes i'm shooting blanks
cause she knows i'm a skank too

met her down by the flying j
she passed my truck and said, are you ok
and i guess i had one hell of a day
cause i invited her in for a drink

she smelt like that walmart perfume
chili cheese burgers, and diesel fumes
and she took to drinking, all my booze
and said baby, what do you need

i said buck townsend don't need your love
but we can smoke a crack pipe riding, in my truck
we left el paso headed for la
but we didn't make it the whole way

we got a room at the motel 6
where the lizards get there kicks
and i didn't even get whiskey dick
she's an american fox

chorus x2
Track Name: Kool Aid
kool aid

she said wait
before i go
and let me
these parting words
like poison in your glass

said you lied
and you ran round
you put me down
and in the end
i see your eyes are cold

and then she whispered in my ear
and said i hate you dear
and love is just a word
that i wish you never heard from me

and each word
that escaped
was a new line
on my face
a map of all the mistakes
that put me here

and i said words are cheap
hope you find what you need
thought you, could fill me up
but that was kool aid in my cup
Track Name: Six Miles
six miles

fields burning
storm raining down
lighting dancing all over this town
i see a rider second and third
and the fourth is singing like i never heard

if the sun don't there's another star
a fallen angel to kiss my scars
six miles beyond the parish line she'll be waiting for me
when it's my time

night falling
wind picking up
roads flooded
guess i'm stuck
hear the devil calling
from the bottle in my hand
telling me what the angel's
don't understand

Track Name: Jailbird

i got to leave
this is not my home
but its sure been good
not being alone
please don't shed not tears for my heart of stone
when the the morning birds sing
i will be gone
oh oh

my mistress is the sunrise, but i'm married to a ghost
i only see in the songs i love most
she's cast a vicious spell on me i never can undo
so i may take you by the hand but i'll never be true

going back to new orleans
where the ghosts run free
gonna sit by the river
let my soul bleed
when the pen hits the paper
that needle hits the groove
and the speakers come alive
medicate and soothe
that's when i see my love
when she comes close to me
and there's nothing above
that i need
oh oh

Track Name: Two Cigarettes
two cigarettes

two cigarettes and a thousand miles til i see the dawn light shining in your eyes
silver moon is a fine disguise for love
whiskey bottles and wasted time, drawn on a face
i know the truth this time because i never felt such grace

there ain't nothing short of dying that's got the promise that you hold
nothing in this living that makes a wistful heart so bold
i know you're sweet as springtime
when you don't feel the pain
so i'm throwing down my cards love
and i ain't playing no games

stars are shooting the heavens and their shooting in my brain
but there ain't no light up in the sky that could help me to refrain
from giving you the warmest thoughts each of those seven days
and giving you some loving when that morning comes again


if i'm the only one you want
and the only one you need
and if my winsome words cast light where you already see
and if you know this is a part of a much greater plan
look me in the eye
take my hand

Track Name: Spaceship

so much light
from a distant star
the strongest memory
is the biggest scar

you're sailing through the universe
i'm shooting novocaine
don't know if i'd rather forget
or feel the pain

you left here in a burning spaceship
six feet long six inches thick
i hope that the people see
a little bit of you in me

your love was a blissful state
now i can't relate
i ain't afraid of fate
or being alone
but when the fire cools
don't matter if you win or lose
just matters how
the stars appear

you left here in a burning spaceship
six feet long six inches thick
i hope that the people see
a little bit of you in me

your love was a blissful state
now i can't relate
i ain't afraid of fate
or being alone
but when the fire cools
don't matter if you win or lose
just matters how
the stars appear

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